Don't Say It! Himespetchi's Secret (言えない! ひめスペっちの秘密 Ienai! Himesupetchi no himitsu) is the 34th episode of Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream and the 177th episode of the Tamagotchi! series overall.


Himespetchi has one final day to spend on Tamagotchi Planet when her parents ask her to come home, and she tries to keep it a secret from her friends.

TV Tokyo synopsis

The participating members are practicing more and more as the Band Contest is approaching. As expected, Yumemitchi and the KiraKira Girls are also fired up. Meanwhile, Himespetchi is behaving strangely. She is unfocused in her performance, suggests that they redesign their costumes, and seems to be hiding something. What is the secret that Himespetchi is hiding from everyone...!? (Source)





  • During the conversation with Himespetchi and her parents, various other voices are heard on the phone, indicating that she has more relatives.
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