You might be looking for Doramitchi, a variant of the Doraemontchi.




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Genders and Appearances:
  • Satomi Korogi (Japanese)

Doremitchi (どれみっち Doremitchi) is a female Tama Pet who is Sopratchi's twin sister and one of Melodytchi's pets. She debuted in Episode 64 the Tamagotchi! anime. She appears as a pet on the Tamagotchi ID L.


Doremitchi has a pink round body with with fluffy fur. She has round ears, and a pink flower shape on her right ear. She has short, round arms, blue eyes with two eyelashes each, and a cat-like mouth. The area around her mouth is white. She two strands of hair on her forehead, one is pointed and the other is curly and round, and together they resemble a musical note. She also wears a hot pink scarf, which is tied in a bow in the front.


Tamagotchi Channel says this about Doremitchi: そぷらっちのいもうと。とっても甘えん坊で、歌やダンスが大好き。 (Sopratchi's younger sister. She is very spoiled, and likes music and dance.)

When Doremitchi talks, the only word she can say is Kyu (きゅ). This is similar to the Japanese onomontopeia word "kyu-kyu", which is one sound a dolphin makes.


Tamagotchi Melody Pets - Doremitchi and Sopratchi

Melody Pets Doremitchi & Sopratchi (メロディペット どれみっち&そぷらっち) were released in Japan in January 2011. These Tamagotchi pets can sing 7 different songs, and can also walk in a wobbling way across a tabletop, or any flat surface, when they are touched. When set in front of another Melody Pet, they will sing a duet together. Sometimes, however, they may fight.

Name Origin

Doremitchi's name comes from the first three scales of the musical scale. (i.e. "Do, re, mi, fa, soh, la, ti, do.")


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