A closeup of DoriTama School.

DoriTama School (ドリたまスクール Doritama sukūru) is a school in DoriTama Town. It is a combination of Tamagotchi School and Dream School, and it was formed by the Tamagottsun. It first appeared in GO-GO Tamagotchi!, and it is a visitable location on the Tamagotchi 4U.


Before the effects of the Tamagottsun, there were two different schools for the separate locations. There was Tamagotchi School in Tamagotchi Town and Dream School in Dream Town. The Tamagotchi on top of Tamagotchi School would hold a book and clock, whilst the Tamagotchi on top of Dream School would hold bells in each of her hands. Tamagotchi School had two different grades (high and low) while Dream school had different classes that could be chosen by the student. Dream School was designed from high school-inspired setting and Tamagotchi School was designed from elementary and middle school-inspired setting.


DoriTama School has the two living mascot Tamagotchis of the previous schools, and they now make announcements together. The inside of the school has many classrooms, and most of the doors to the classrooms are alive and have different personalities. Similar to Dream School, a lot of classes split up the students into smaller groups, usually about five to a class. Several rooms have glass roofs, such as the cafeteria. There are actually many hallways and maze-like areas in DoriTama School, as seen in episode 7. Many of the hallways have very colorful art. 


At the start after the Tamagottsun, Mametchi and friends went into doors that transported them into random classes. Himespetchi and Neenetchi were upset that they didn't end up with their crushes. Now, most Tamagotchis walk on the floating paths connected to classes. Some classes are also held outside.

Known Members

Tamagotchi School Division

Dream School Division

New Members


  • The school announcers have switched items they've held after their fusion from the Tamagottsun.


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