Doritama town
DoriTama Town (ドリたまタウン Doritama Taun), also known as DreTama Town, is the setting of the fourth anime series, GO-GO Tamagotchi!. It is a combination of Dream Town and Tamagotchi Town as a result of the Tamagottsun event. It contains many buildings and places from both towns, and some buildings have become combined. The residents of Dream Town and Tamagotchi Town now live in DoriTama Town.

As a result of the Tamagottsun, many new locations and mysterious side-effects occur in the town, especially in the school.

Name Origin

The name comes from dorimu, the Japanese pronounciation of the English word dream, and Tama, which is short for Tamagotchi.


For the first time in 1,000 years, Tamagotchi Planet is perfectly aligned with Earth. The two continents of Dream Town and Tamagotchi Town join together to celebrate with each other, thus combining the towns and forming DoriTama Town. This phenomenon is known is "Tamagottsun" (たまごっつん), which is Tamagotchi combined with the Japanese verb gotsun, meaning "thud" or "bang".

Combined locations