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Dream Town (ドリームタウン Dorīmu Taun) is the hometown of Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi, as well as many other characters featured on the Tamagotchi P's. It is called Dream Town because it is a place where Tamagotchis can follow their dreams and make them come true.

Dream Town is where the second Tamagotchi! anime series, Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream, takes place. It is also the setting of the third anime series, Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends, but in a more futuristic style.

An interactive online game based on Dream Town was released as a new Tamatown-style site for the Tamagotchi Friends toy.


Dream Town is meant to look like a flower, featuring eight differently colored "petals", as well as the center; signifying the 9 different areas of Dream Town.

Locations within Dream Town

There are nine districts of Dream Town, known as palettes. Each one has a signature color and specific attributes.

Gourmet Palette (Red)

This district is characterized by food and restuarants. Locations in this district include PleaseEatChinaTown, which is where the Dream Hanten is located, and various markets.

Fashion Palette (Pink)

This area is characterized by fashion and beauty. Locations in this district include Salon de Dream, Coffret Salon, Kirakira Tamamori Shop, and TamaDepa. There are many shopping centers and beauty parlors in this area.

Trad Palette (Orange)

This is a residential area with many brick houses. Yumemitchi's house is located here.

Factory Palette (Yellow)

This is an industrial area. Ikaritchi's house is located here.

Eco Palette (Green)

This area is characterized by nature. It contains parks and windmills. The Spacy Brothers live here during Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream and Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends.

Buisness Palette (Light Blue)

This district contains many offices and skyscrapers.

Marine Palette (Blue)

This district is characterized by water. The Music Cafe is located here.

Entertainment Palette (Purple)

This location is a place of culture and media. YUMEX-TV is located here.

Other locations in Dream Town:

Dream Town Game

The online Dream Town game released on the Tamagotchi Friends website features an interactive version of Dream Town. Seven out of nine districts are accessible. The locations include:

  • Restaurant Area (based on the Gourmet Palette)
  • Fashion Area (based on the Fashion Palette)
  • Industrial Area (based on the Factory Palette)
  • Park (based on the Eco Palette)
  • Waterfront (based on the Marine Palette)
  • Entertainment Area (based on the Entertainment Palette)
  • Dream School


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