Pink dreambakutchi
The Dreambakutchis (ドリームバクっち Dorīmubakutchi) are mysterious Tamagotchis in the third Tamagotchi anime, Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends. They are native to Dream Town. They are the main objective for Miraitchi and Clulutchi, because the Dreambakutchis have the power to allow the two to return to their future. Sumatotchi and X are also determined to collect them for their own purposes.

They are elusive and don't like to be caught. They usually fly very high and are also good at hiding. Because of this, if a Tamagotchi finds a way to fly too, catching them becomes easier. (For example, Miraitchi wore magic wings to fly and Clulutchi used a hover-board).

Dreambakutchis are very sensitive, they can feel and will sometimes reflect nearby emotions. They only approach Tamagotchis they trust. If they are caught by force, they get very upset. When they are scared, they turn transparent and flee. They leave a trail of sparkles behind them when they fly. They were originally kept in Dream Center research facility until Sumatotchi set them free so he could steal them. However, the Dreambakutchis then unleashed great power that Watchlin unintentionally absorbed, causing her and everyone in range to be sent back in time.

While they are called Dreambakutchis in general, each one has its own name depending on its color. For example, the pink Dreambakutchi is called "Pinkbakutchi" and the orange one is called "Orangebakutchi".

The Pocket Designer can collect these Dreambakutchis.

Although they came from the future, in episode 2 of Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends, there appears to be an ancient script about these creatures, so it is implied that they might exist long ago.


There are a total of eight Dreambakutchis, and they all have the same body shape, but different colors. A Dreambakutchi resembles a tapir with white wings, and furry stripes that go around the stomach which are paler than the rest of their body. They are similar to Tama Pets since they are small and animal-like, and walk on four legs. They have pointed snouts and small ears. The only difference between male and female Dreambakutchis is their eyes (females have a white shine in their eye and eyelashes; males have slanted eyes with no white shine or eyelashes).

List of Dreambakutchis

  • Red (female)

    All 8 Dreambakutchis

  • Orange (female)
  • Yellow (male)
  • Green (male)
  • Cyan (female)
  • Blue (male)
  • Purple (male)
  • Pink (female)

Name Origin

Baku is the name of a Japanese mythical creature. It is a tapir-like spirit that feeds on dreams and nightmares. Dream could be derived from Dream Town, or the fact that bakus eat dreams.



  • All the eight Dreambakutchis make up the colors of the rainbow.
  • Dreambakutchis somewhat resemble Munna from the Pokémon series. Both seem to be based on the mythical Baku creature, and are related to dreams.
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