Eggbasketchi (エッグバスケっち Eggubasuketchi) is an adult character that debuted on the Tamagotchi Meets Pastel version.


Eggbasketchi has an egg-shaped body, the top half cream colored and the bottom half pink. The pink side has dark pink hears, a zig-zag yellow stripe, and a white stripe. She has pink cheeks and dark pink high-heel shoes. She wears a hat that resembles an egg basket, with a hellow flower and multiple Easter eggs on top of the hat. She has a light pastel blue outline.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Meets

Eggbasketchi is an adult that appears on the Pastel version as an NPC that can be befriended and married at Easter Land.

Name Origin

Eggbasketchi's name is a combination of the English words "egg" and "basket".

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