Ekakitchi (えかきっち Ekakitchi) is a Tamagotchi character who first appeared on the Tamagotchi School website.

Name Origin

Ekaki (絵かき) is a Japanese word for "painter".


Ekakitchi has a body similar to Kuchipatchi's. It has light pink skin, a white stomach with a pink swirl on it, a yellow beak, and dark round eyes. It wears a red beret with a heart design identical to the one on Ciaotchi's hat. It usually holds a paintbrush.

Ekakitchi's stomach can be painted or drawn on.

In the Anime

Ekakitchi briefly appears as a background character in Tamagotchi: The Movie. It is seen with Ciaotchi when all of the Tamagotchis are trying to wake up Blackholetchi.

On Websites

Ekakitchi debuted on the Tamagotchi School's website. It mainly appeared in one of the mini-games, in which the player paints pictures on Ekakitchi's stomach.



  • In Ekakitchi's original artwork, it is depicted as being about half as big as Ciaotchi. In Tamagotchi: the Movie, Ekakitchi is depicted as the same size as Ciaotchi.
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