Elizabethtchi (えりざべすっち)
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Elizabethtchi (えりざべすっち Erizabesutchi) is a female parent Tamagotchi who appears on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity.


Elizabethtchi resembles a queen. She has white skin, pink cheeks, and curly brown hair. Her eyes each have five eyelashes and two stars inside. She wears a black and white gown with a cream collar, and a yellow crown with four red jewels.


Elizabethtchi loves delicious cookies and tea more than anything. It is rumored that she actually manages a famous pastry shop in Berry Town.


Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity

Elizabethtchi is a special character that evolves from Antoinetchi upon marraige.

Name Origin

Elizabethtchi's name comes from the feminine English name, Elizabeth.


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