Genders and Appearancs:

Enchoutchi (えんちょうっち) is a male character who first appeared in Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends. He lives in Dream Town and is the home-stay parent of Smartotchi


Enchoutchi's body is light green. He has brown eyes with no visible shine spots. His hair is light blue and styled with his side hair going outwards He wears a red shirt with a black vest on it and red pants on his legs with black boots on his feet. He also wears a short black cap.

In the Anime

Enchoutchi is an elderly man who runs a daycare center. When Smartotchi arrived in the past and passed out, he was taken in and cared for by Enchoutchi. Enchoutchi does not know that Smartotchi is from the future, nor does he know about X. X disguises himself as a vase when Enchoutchi is around, and Enchoutchi frequently puts flowers in X's head.

Name Origin

Enchou (えんちょう) is a word used for the head of a certain place or organization. (E.g, leader, chief.)


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