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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.

The Evatchi (エヴァっち) (에바치 in Korean), also known as the General-Purpose Egg-Type Battle Weapon Evatchi (汎用卵型決戦兵器 エヴァっち) is a variant of the Tamagotchi Nano based on the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. It was released in Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong on June 13th, 2020.


The Evatchi uses a new ball chain similar to that of the Pac-Man Tamagotchi, but the chain length is smaller and the balls are bigger, making it the same length as previous Nano ball chains. The front of the Evatchi retains the same molding used on previous Nano models, instead of the new one featured on the Pac-Man Tamagotchi.


After the clock is set, a screen showing the Second Impact will appear for several seconds before the fetus Angel hatches from its bakelite container. There are three growth stages: baby, cocoon, and adult. It will stay as a baby for 24 hours before evolving into a cocoon, and the cocoon will be able to evolve to the adult stage three hours later when the A button is pressed.

There are no on-screen icons, and therefore all information is conveyed through the screen and buttons. If the Angel needs something, the user can press the C button for an animation to see what it needs. If the Angel shows a dizzy emote, it's hungry; if it shows a scowling emote, it's unhappy. If both Hungry and Happy meters are partially filled, it will perform a happy animation. If the Happy meter is full and the Hungry meter is not empty, it will perform a Close Up.

Pressing the A button opens the main menu, with the options to feed or to play the games. The meal is S2 Energy, and the snack is a watermelon. When the Angel is asleep, pressing the A button brings up the Lights On/Off menu. The baby stage sleeps at 8 PM, the adult stage sleeps at 10 PM, and both stages wake up at 7 AM.


There are two games, referred to as "Simulations".

  • Battle Training involves moving a platform to avoid the falling spears, which may be either the Spear of Longinus or an N2 Bomb, cycling from game to game. Pressing A moves the platform left, and B moves the platform right. The weapon must be dodged ten times to win a perfect game.
  • The second game involves two shapes (one of a triangle, the other of three lines) that will move around the screen, and the user must press the A or B button to stop when the two symbols completely and evenly overlap each other. Pressing too soon or not pressing at the right time counts as a point lost. The symbols must be lined up five times to win a perfect game.

LCL Cleaning

Throughout the day, the LCL around the Angel will get dirty. Pressing the A button will clean it.

A.T. Field

Similar to sulking seen on previous Nano models, if the Angel is neglected for a long period of time, it will put up an A.T. Field around itself. The user can coax it out by pressing the A button. While the Angel has the A.T. Field up, the user can't feed it or play the games, but can still check the clock, turn the sound on and off, and check needs with the C button.

Daily Events

Throughout the day, animations of various other characters from the Evangelion franchise will appear. Pressing any button will trigger the animation to end, with some showing an additional screen before closing.

Death and Departure

The Evatchi has two known ending sequences:

  • If the user maintains good care and makes enough care mistakes, the Angel will depart on its own and trigger the Third Impact, leaving a black screen with the message "おめでとう" (Congrats).
  • If the user neglects the Angel and fails to coax it out of its A.T. Field, it will be killed by NERV, leaving an image of a giant cross explosion.

In both instances, pressing A and C together will trigger a new fetus to appear.


  • The release of the Evatchi was meant to be correlated with the release of the Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time film, but the film's release was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • This is the third Tamagotchi produced to be based on an anime, the first being the Doraemontchi and the second being the Oden-Kun Tamagotchi.
  • One of the production companies behind Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tatsunoko Production, is 20% owned by Takara Tomy, Bandai's main competitor in Japan. This marks Tamagotchi's first crossover with a franchise owned by a competitor, even if it's only partial.
  • The Evatchi is the first Nano model for a number of things:
    • It is the first to be released in Korea.
    • It is the first to be based on an anime.
    • It is the first not to feature animations at 10 AM, 2 PM, or 6 PM.
    • It is the first Nano to feature the cocoon stage, and the first Tamagotchi since the vintage era to feature it. It was last featured on the Mori de Hakken! Tamagotch.
    • It is the first Japanese model to feature three growth stages, and second overall after the Pac-Man Tamagotchi.
  • The Evatchi borrows several features from previous Nano models:
  • Several interface screens, including the clock screen, sound menu, and lights on/off menu, are thematically changed to reflect the Evangelion theme. When the lights are off, instead of showing a black screen with a floating "Z", the screen shows NERV's headquarters.



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