Everyday House Tamagotchi (おうち まいにち たまごっち Ouchi Mainichi Tamagotchi) is a Tamagotchi video game for the Nintendo 3DS. It was exclusively released in Japan on 22 November, 2012. It features characters from both the original Tamagotchi! series and Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream. Yumecantchi is a special character in the game who is unlocked on Christmas.


Ouchi Mainichi Tamagotchi is a virtual life game in which players own and customize a Tamagotchi doll house, and look after the Tamagotchi "dolls" by playing a variety of mini-games. At first, there are only a few rooms and 8 characters available, but more rooms, house colors, furniture, and characters are unlocked as the character plays. The player earns money by playing mini-games and doing other tasks like taking out the trash or fishing in the koi pond. The player can then use the money to buy more furniture, wallpapers, floors, and characters. The player can change the colors of the house whenever they want, and they can also place the Tamagotchis anywhere they want in the house.

Additionally, the player can choose whatever music they want to play during the game. More music tracks can be unlocked, and to hear them, the player has to turn the circle pad until the 'radio' gets to the required frequency for the song.


  • Kitchen - The Tamagotchi will help the player make a meal, and the player must choose appropriate ingredients from the fridge and slice them. The game will not specify which ingredients to use, so the player must have a knowledge of what the food is made of.
  • Dining room - The above screen shows a table set up, and the player must choose the right mats, plates, mugs, cutlery, and more from the drawers and place them on the table in the same way. If done correctly with a serving plate in the middle, the Tamagotchi will place a dish on the serving plate.
  • Balcony - The Tamagotchi needs the player's help to match up pairs of socks and gloves in the laundry. This is a concentration game, and there are also extra 'cards' that have either good or bad effects when touched.
  • Bathroom - The player must squirt at globs of soap on the bath to dissolve them. The player must move the 3DS to aim at the soap globs, and press L or R depending on whether the glob is blue or pink. The player should press both buttons at once when purple globs appear.
  • Toilet - The player must clean the germs off the toilet seat, catch the bacteria Tamagotchis and drop them in the toilet, and then wipe the seat dry with a cloth.
  • Bedroom - The player must help the Tamagotchi get to sleep soundly by touching or stroking the screen to move them back to the middle of the bed when they roll too far over, and putting the blanket back on them when it slips off. There is also a mobile that plays 3 different songs, two of which, however, are Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 and Brahms' Hungarian Dance No. 5, which are not soothing at all.
  • Hobby room - The player must sew a bag or a pillow by following the lines. They must press A to start or stop the sewing machine, the circle pad to turn, and L or R + the circle pad to rotate the fabric.
  • Living room - The player uses the stylus to lead the vacuum cleaner across the floor and suck up the dust puffs, but they must avoid the other objects on the floor.
  • Entry room - The player must cut or carve a rug or something to make the desired pattern.
  • Garden - The player must tap the weeds that appear to pull them out, while being careful not to tap the moles. Sometimes dandelion puffs will shroud the screen and the player has to blow in the microphone to get rid of them.


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