Fairy (フェアリー Fearī) is an adult character that is exclusive to the Mothra Tamagotchi.


Fairy appears similar to Mothra Leo, but is smaller than Leo. It has a large head, two wings with one eyespot, one visible antenna, and three visible legs.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Mothra

Fairy is an adult character that can evolve from either Mothra Grub or Batora Grub, although the method to obtain her is different between the two grubs.

To evolve Fairy from Mothra Grub, it must be given good care and have its weight kept at its base (30), but the Justice meter must not reach 100%. While no Justice is required in order to obtain Fairy, it is recommended to have at least 25% to avoid the possibility of Mayura.

To evolve Fairy from Batora Grub, it must first begin at 50% Justice, meaning it must have had 50-75% while it was Mothra Larva. From there, Batora Grub must be given perfect care and have its Justice meter filled to 100%.

Fairy sleeps at 10 PM and wakes at 9 AM. Her base weight is 1 tonne.

If given good care, kept at 1 tonne, and reaches 100% Justice, Fairy can evolve into Ghogo.

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