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Fairy Land (メルヘンランド Meruhen Rando) is a location in Tama Resort Island on Tamagotchi Planet.


The majority of the island is taken up by a theme park full of attractions, sweets, and souvenirs. The central attraction is a large, pink castle combined with a carousel, with a rainbow above and blue clouds below. The central base of the island is shaped like a giant heart.

It is located northwest of Tama Resort Island, and is west of its sister location, Magic Land. The official map of Tama Resort Island shows that Fairy Land is accessed by a small pink footbridge on the west side of the island, but in gameplay, it is shown to be accessed by boat.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi On

Fairy Land is the exclusive location on the On Fairy version. It can only be unlocked from the third generation onward; the user must set the background to the Carousel room theme and have the tamagotchi go outside between 7 AM and 7:59 AM. A rainbow will appear and the tamagotchi will run up it and other rainbows, passing by flying gifts and a Royal Servants, Pierotchi, and a blue unicorn tamagotchi floating on clouds. They will end up running into Fairy Land.



Exclusive residents can be talked to and played with here. If the residents are the mother or father of the user's tamagotchi they will not appear.


Pink Tourcontchi runs the nameless shop here. It sells meals, snacks, items and accessory wearables as part of the Tourcontchi Chain. All standard items and accessories are sold at every Tourcontchi chain shop and at the Tama Depa Store.


  • SOUP - 190G
  • GRATIN - 130G
  • SKY BREAD - 80G
    • This will turn the tamagotchi blue if fed 5 times consecutively


  • DROPS - 190G
  • SHAKE - 120G


  • MUSIC BOX - 900G
  • BALLOONS - 800G


  • UNICORN HORN - 1000G
  • PARASOL - 700G


This will play one of these animations:

  • The tamagotchi goes into the fairy castle and Pierotchi greets them. They then have a tea party and eat pancakes.
  • The tamagotchi rides the carousel
  • Fairytchi greets the tamagotchi and gifts them the Balloon accessory (If visited between 7 AM and 7:59 AM)


The tamagotchi can propose to a resident if they have a ring.


Name Artwork Sprite Gender Marry Favorite Items
Fairytchi artwork.png
Fairytchi meets.png
Female Yes
  • Harmonica
  • Potpurri
Unipegasatchi blue.png
Male Yes
  • Ball
  • Treadmill (Tama Sport Plaza)
  • Balloon (Fairy Land)
  • Planetarium (Starry Lab)
Witchtchi blue.png
Majokkotchi mix.png
Female No N/A
Male No N/A


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