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Fairy Land (メルヘンランド Meruhen Rando) is a location on Tamagotchi Planet.


The majority of the island is taken up by a theme park full of attractions, sweets, and souvenirs. The central attraction is a large, pink castle combined with a carousel, with a rainbow above and blue clouds below. The central base of the island is shaped like a giant heart.

It is located northwest of Tama Resort Island, and is west of its sister location, Magic Land. The official map of Tama Resort Island shows that Fairy Land is accessed by a small pink footbridge on the west side of the island, but in gameplay, it is shown to be accessed by boat.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi On

Fairy Land is the exclusive location on the Tamagotchi On Fairy version. It can only be unlocked from the third generation onward; the user must set the background to "Dreamy Living" and have the Tamagotchi go outside between 7 AM and 7:59 AM.

Fairy Land's special activity is the theme park; selecting it will play an animation of the Tamagotchi riding the carousel. If the user visits the theme park between 7 AM and 7:59 AM, Fairytchi will appear at the castle and gift the Balloon accessory.



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