Anime version of Firumutchi

Firumutchi (フィルムっち Firumutchi)
Antique Town 03

Inside Firumutchi's old camera shop.

is an elderly Tamagotchi who first appeared in the episode Pashalin! Deep Emotion! Homecoming. He lives in Antique Town and owns a small, old camera shop. He builds and fixes old cameras. He is also the person who created and named Pashalin many years ago. Pashalin calls him "papa".


Firumutchi is an elderly man with a hat with a camera in it. There are two pompoms on the side of his hat. His head is shaped like a film canister and is green. He has grey eyebrows and a grey mustache. His body looks like a section of a film negative.

Name Origin

Firumutchi's name comes from the word film, as he runs a camera shop.

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