Fortetchi (フォルテっち Forutetchi) is a Tamagotchi character who appears in episode 121 of the Tamagotchi! anime. He has neither appeared in other episodes nor on any virtual pet as of yet.


Fortetchi is small and blue-green in color, with short arms and round feet. He has cat-like ears and yellow hair with curves along the bottom like Chamametchi's ears.


Fortetchi is from the day care center at Melody Land. Initially, he had a tendency to show a bold, stubborn characteristic along with an anti-social attitude. He didn't care for company, preferring to spend most of his time sitting by himself rather than socializing with others. He was also blunt when it came to stating his opinions, stating them in a fashion that came off sounding abrupt and arrogant instead of modest and civilized. Despite Fortetchi starting off on the wrong foot with Mametchi after criticizing his singing, Mametchi was able to help him to see the light and make amends in his ways. Near the end of the episode, Fortetchi undergoes a change of heart and decides to spend more time with others, improving his character quality.

Name Origin

Forte/Fortissimo is a musical dynamic meaning "loud" or "strong", which could refer to his bold personality.


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