Furilavutchi (ふりらぶっち Furirabutchi) is a female Tama Pet that is adoptable on the Tamagotchi P's.


Furilavutchi has a round body and light pink skin. Her eyes are oval-shaped eyes with blue irises and white stars. She has fluffy ears and a fluffy tail. She wears a white skirt with pink flowers, and a pink headband with blue flowers and white trim.


Furilavutchi is a lot like her owner in the sense that they both love to dance. Furifuritchi sometimes teaches Furilavutchi new dance steps. All Furilavutchi can say is "furi".

In the Anime

Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream

In episode 13, Furifuritchi and Furilavutchi entered the Pretty Tama Pet Contest and performed a dance.

Name Origin

Furi (ふり) has several meanings. In Furilavutchi's name, it could mean to swing or sway, as in dancing. This word can also refer to "personal appearance" and the way one dresses. Lavu (らぶ) means love.