Fuyuyutchi (ふゆゆっち) is a Tama Pet character that debuted on the Tamagotchi P's station.


Fuyuyutchi has a fluffy white body with two stubby arms, a wide mouth that's perpetually open, and fluffy cloud-like hair on top of his head.


Fuyuyutchi's fluffy body keeps him warm in even the coldest parts of the world. He speaks with a Kansai dialect.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi P's

Fuyuyutchi is a Tama Pet that was available at the P's Station to adopt during the winter.

Tamagotchi Meets

Fuyuyutchi is a NPC character that can be downloaded from the Tamagotchi Meets station, and is encountered at Tama Slope.

Name Origin

His name comes from the Japanese word "fuyu", meaning "winter".


  • Fuyuyutchi is one of four seasonal Tama Pets from the P's Station, the other three being Harurutchi (spring), Natsutsutchi (summer), and Akikitchi (autumn). All four were introduced to be gigantic on the P's, but were downsized in later appearances.
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