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Not to be confused with GO-GO Tamagotchi!, the 4th anime, or the song GO-GO! Tamagotchi!.

Cover of the first volume, prominently featuring Lovelitchi.

GOGO♪ Tamagotchi! (GOGO♪たまごっち!) is a manga series writen by Yascorn and published by Shogakukan.

The first book released in Japan on February 26, 2010, and the second on August 27, 2010, costing about 630 Yen each. The books were never translated into any other language.

The manga is Yascorn's second Tamagotchi series after GOGO! Tama Tama Tamagotchi.


The manga is based around the earlier episodes (1 - 47) of the anime TV show, Tamagotchi!. Some of the stories are directly based on scenes from episodes, but they are important scenes such as Lovelitchi joining Tamagotchi School, and the rest of the characters finding out she is Lovelin. Most of the other stories are original.

The main characters are Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Chamametchi, and Uwasatchi. Kuromametchi and the Spacy Brothers feature a lot as well. Uwasatchi is often trying to figure out if Lovelitchi is really Lovelin, while Memetchi and Chamametchi are shown as adoring Lovelin even more than the other characters and sometimes arguing over who is the biggest fan. Like in the TV series, Spacytchi wants to conquer Tamagotchi Planet but always fails due to his incompetent plans, and has trouble fitting in. Kuromametchi has a crush on Lovelitchi that is more clear than in the TV series.

The end of the first volume shows behind-the-scenes photos of work on the Tamagotchi! anime, such as storyboarding and frames being sketched.


GOGO♪ Tamagotchi! Best!!

A stand-alone volume that compiles various strips from the previous six years of Yascorn's Tamagotchi work. It was released in December 2011 and has stories featuring Melodytchi as well.

GOGO♪ Tamagotchi! Dream

Another stand-alone volume. This one is based on the Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream anime and features Yumemitchi, Kiraritchi, and Pianitchi. It also has a special section starring Tamagotchi Town characters like Lovelitchi, Melodytchi, and Moriritchi. It was released in May 2013.

iD L manga

The manga has also appeared in the Tamagotchi iD L Guide Book as comic strips for each character, with 32 in total. These strips express each character's personality in a comedic way.

Online Tamagotchi! Manga

Formerly posted on Carddas Tamagotchi! was a weekly Tamatomo comic strip. It had over 120 comic strips.

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