Gaiatchi is a universal term to describe all natural living things on the Tamagotchi Planet. The name was first mentioned on the iPhone/iPod application, Tamagotchi 'Round The World. Interacting with the Gaiatchi is the key to developing a healthy planet. Playing with the Gaiatchis will make them happy and healthy.

Gaiatchi Types

There are hundreds of Gaiatchis on the Tamagotchi Planet. Below are the Gaiatchis mentioned in the application "Tamagotchi 'Round The World".


Geysers create clouds which are necessary for watering the Gaiatchi plants. If the geyser is unhappy it won't create any clouds. Geysers may become unhappy when they get no attention or when the Tamagotchi is pooping on their territory. The Tamagotchi can chomp the bubbles that the geysers release.


Clouds are created in the geysers. The Tamagotchi can summon clouds and make it rain by performing the rain dance. The clouds can water the Gaiatchi plants and make them grow.


Plants produce seedlings and fruit. The player must satisfy the plant's needs in order to make it produce the seedlings and the fruit.


Seedlings need care in order to grow. They can grow into plants. One of the ways to make it grow is by playing beach ball with it.

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