Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2 (ゲームで発見!!たまごっち2) is a Nintendo Game Boy game released on October 17, 1997 in Japan. It features ocean- and forest-dwelling Tamagotchi characters, both which would later be adapted to the Mori de Hakken! Tamagotch and Tamagotchi Ocean.  


The game is separated into two modes: one where the player is in control of Mikachu, and the "Tamagotchi care" mode. When the player controls Mikachu, then can walk around a small village and look for items, visit other houses, and talk to Professor Banzo. Mikachu's house features a bug tank and fish tank, allowing the player two pets at a time, one of each type. Eggs ("Mori" and "Umi" types) can be found through searching the nearby bushes, trees and rivers. The "Tamagotchi care" segment is identical to that of the first Tamagotchi GameBoy game.

Mikachu's House


The game features 3 minigames:

  • Guessing Game - There are 12 cells covered with sand. The player should guess under which one a heart is placed. There is also a cell with a skull in it which causes a loss of a point.
  • Math Game - The player should help the Tamagotchi solve math exercises. There are 3 difficulties.
  • Catching Game - The player should help the Tamagotchi catch bubbles (on Umino) or flowers (on Morino). There are 3 difficulties.



Umi food (up) and Mori food (Down)

There are 5 sorts of food for each Tamagotchi type. Each Tamagotchi has a food that he/she dislikes. For example, Mushibatchi dislikes leaves. There are 3 meals which fill hunger and 2 meals which fill happiness.


It is possible to change the clock speed by accessing the time settings. To access the time settings, Mikachu should walk towards the clock in her room. 3 time settings are available: fast, average or slow. The player may also move the clock forward when both Tamagotchis are sleeping, either through the clock icon when viewing a Tamagotchi or by sleeping in the bed.


Sometimes a boulder appears above the Tamagotchi's head. The player should immediately press the B button to tell the Tamagotchi to dodge it. If the player doesn't press the B button on time, the Tamagotchi sometimes might get hurt and should be healed with medicine. Sometimes it may kill it, while sometimes it may not affect it at all.


Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2/Egg and item locations

Mikachu must explore the town, a nearby forest and the beach to acquire Tamagotchi eggs - upon walking over their hitbox, a speech bubble containing exclamation points will appear over her head. If she has both a Mushitchi and Sakanatchi at home currently, she will not be able to pick up any eggs. After raising both kinds of Tamagotchi to adulthood at least once, Mikachu can find various trinkets around the overworld.

Banzo's Laboratory

The player can access Professor Banzo's lab to freeze their Tamagotchi or send it in a rocket back to its home planet. Freezing a Tamagotchi pauses it and allows the player to raise another of its kind.



See Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2/Characters.
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