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Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Osucchi to Mesucchi (ゲームで発見!たまごっち オスっちとメスっち) is a Game Boy Color game based on Mesutchi and Osutchi. The game was released on January 15, 1998 only in Japan by the Japanese game development company Tom Create and Bandai.


The game starts by setting the date and time (the date is 01/01/1997 by default). After that, Mikachu will be choosing one out of three Tamagotchi Eggs. Different Tamagotchi Characters hatch from different Tamagotchi Eggs.


  • Rock-Paper-Scissors (じゃんけん): A simple game - rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper and paper beats rock. When the Tamagotchi Character wins or scores a draw he/she becomes happy. When he/she loses he/she gets angry.
  • Nervous Breakdown (しんけい すいじゃく): There are 4 cards with pictures of Tamagotchi Characters on the board - four are covered and one uncovered. The covered cards are shown for a very small period of time. Then, the player should point at the covered card which has the picture of the uncovered one.
  • Exercise (うんどう): The Tamagotchi should run through 2 checkpoints on a beach and then reach the pearl (which appears after collecting the checkpoints). The time is limited.


There are four types of food: Rice (ごはん), Snack (おやつ), Celery or Meat. Each fills one out of four "Hunger" hearts. Not feeding the Tamagotchi will cause them to die.


TMP stands for Tamagotchi Mating Power. It also appeared on the original Osutchi and Mesutchi. It tells what familythe character is in and what generation it has to grow to. 

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