Gankotchi (ガンコっち) is an adult female Tamagotchi character that debuted on the Mesutchi. Her male counterpart is Megatchi.


Gankotchi is dark purple with large pink lips and square eyes. She has heart shaped hair or ears and wears a green dress.


Gankotchi has a loud, booming laugh and a voice loud enough to give headaches. But whenever she sees little kids or people in trouble, she just can't leave them alone and has to help. She can really be quite nice.

On Virtual Pets


Gankotchi is the worst care adult that can be obtained at TMP level 1. She evolves from either Ojotchi or Hawaikotchi from below average care and low discipline. Marrying her to either Kiwitchi or Megatchi will produce Kakutchi, while marrying either Pyonchitchi or Bunbuntchi will produce Teletchi. Marrying any adult from TMP2 onward will produce Kuritchi. She sleeps from 11 PM to 11 AM, meaning she has the same schedule as Tsuketchi, Sutebotchi, and Megatchi.

Name Origin

Ganko is a Japanese word used to mean "stubborn". However, her name most likely comes from Gankou, which is used to mean a "glint in someone's eye".


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