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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.

The Genjintch (原人っちのたまごっち) is a limited edition Tamagotchi released in Japan during November 1997 in theatres that were showing the film "Peking Man", which served as the base concept for the Genjintch Tamagotchi.




Only one design was released for the Genjintch Tamagotchi. It is an overall chocolate brown shell with 9 white bones around the screen and is a slightly darker brown around the bones. One of the bones is noticeably larger than the others and is located on the top of the device with the word "Genjintch" in red writing. The buttons are yellow and the screen rim is red. The background is a desert-esque picture and color with green ferns.


Health Meter

Represented by scales, this icon features essential information regarding the user's Tamagotchi's health.

  • Screen 1 - Age and weight. The Genjintch Tamagotchi has age measured in days (日) and weight in kilos (㌔).
  • Screen 2 and 3 - Hunger and Happy meters. The hunger meter is on screen 2 and the happy level is on screen 3.
  • Screen 4 - Evolution meter. This determines what characters the user's Tamagotchi will become. It increases when given praise when a character is seen making pottery.


Represented by a bone of chicken, this icon is where the user feeds their Tamagotchi. The meal is a piece of chicken, and adds 1lb to the user's Tamagotchi's weight, while filling a hungry heart. The snack is a mushroom, and adds 2lbs to the user's Tamagotchi's weight, while filling a happiness heart.


Represented by a bone, this icon is the game. A bone is hidden in one of four holes. The user needs to guess which hole the bone is in. If the user guesses the right hole three or more times, the user's Tamagotchi will gain a happy heart and lose 1lb of weight. Getting a score of 5-0 fills up two empty happy hearts and the user's Tamagotchi loses 2lbs.


Represented by poo, when the user's Tamagotchi leaves a mess, the user needs to use this icon to clean it up. Leaving a poo unattended for a long period of time may make the character sick.


Represented by a face, sometimes the user's Tamagotchi will make the calling sound more than two times. This means it is making pottery. When it is doing this, the user must use this icon to praise it. This will increase the evolution level.


Represented by herbs, when the Tamagotchi gets sick, this icon must be selected to cure it. More serious cases can require multiple doses of medicine.


Represented by a swirly sun, this icon turns the lights on and off. When the character goes to bed, this icon must be used to select "Off" to turn off the lights. The lights will turn on automatically when the Tamagotchi wakes up.


Represented by an angry face, this icon cannot be selected. It lights up when the character is empty on hungry or happy hearts, when it is sleeping, or when making pottery.


Although the Genjintch is a generally high maintenance Tamagotchi, severely neglecting it for an excessively long time or on multiple occasions during the teen and adult stage can result in it regressing to previous forms in the opposite direction of the growth chart, instead of growing up. The age counter will still remain the same, but it will take the same amount of time as before to evolve back into the form again.


The Genjintch Tamagotchi does not die in the same sense that previous Tamagotchis did; instead it departs in a rocket before showing the kanji "kan" meaning "end" or "complete".


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