Get Ready! The Big Race on Tama Street / Heart Pounding! Who Will Lovelin Smile Upon? (『ワクワク!たまストリートで大レース』/『ドキドキ!ラブリンは誰にほほえむ?』 Wakuwaku! Tama sutorīto de dai rēsu / Dokidoki! Raburin ha dare nihohoemu?) is the debut episode of Tamagotchi!. It aired on October 12, 2009. The creator of the episode is Matsui Aya.


Mametchi and friends participate in a big race hosted by Tamagotchi Town's idol, Lovelin to win a Lovelin themed game console. But to get to the end, they have to go through many obstacles such as hamburger building, giant pencil stacking, and obstacle courses!


Mametchi's family is wondering where he is; he is in his room working on an invention while listening to music. His invention explodes, and then an alarm rings to let Mametchi know that Gotchiman, his favorite show, is on TV. Later, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi come to tell Mametchi it is time for the race. Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi want to come and watch. The Tamagotchi Town celebrity, Lovelin, hosts the race, and everyone is excited to find out who will win. Everyone talks about Lovelin, but Mametchi doesn't know who she is at first. Mametchi's Tama-Friends come to watch or compete. Mametchi is determined to win because the prize is a game console which reminds him of Gotchiman's weapon. Kuromametchi wants to win as well since Mametchi is so fired up about the race.  The Spacy Brothers want to win in order to take over Tamagotchi Planet.

At the beginning of the race, the Tamagotchis have to put the ingredients on a hamburger correctly. Kuchipatchi can't resist all the food and begins to eat the ingredients instead of putting them together. Soon, Kuromametchi finishes his burger and Mametchi finishes soon after. Spacytchi is working on his burger but he isn't making it properly at all.

Meanwhile, Kuchipatchi has been eaten so much food, he has turned very large and fat. While Mametchi and Kuromametchi are competing, and finishing all the events at almost the same time as each other, Kuchipatchi falls and begins bouncing out of control like a rubber ball.

As they compete in various events, Kuchipatchi is bouncing high on the rooftops, in need of help. As Mametchi and Kuromametchi are nearing the end, Mametchi suddenly stops and runs off in other direction. Kuromametchi follows him, wondering what's wrong. Mametchi points at Kuchipatchi bouncing dangerously high on the rooftops.  He starts to fall, and the friends aren't sure if they can reach him in time. So Kuromametchi throws Mametchi across a row of giant pencils; Mametchi rolls under Kuchipatchi just in time and saves him. The two of them land on the grass, and Kuchipatchi returns to his normal size.

Kuromametchi comes to check on them and the other Tamagotchis come over to congratulate Mametchi and Kuromametchi. Lovelin comments on how brave the two boys are. Meanwhlie, the Spacy Brothers arrive at the goal but nobody's around. They practice their declaration of domination over Tamagotchi Planet, but still, nobody arrives because everyone is with Mametchi and Kuromametchi.

Back home, Mametchi and his family are watching the news report about the race on TV. Mametchi seems to have forgotten about the prize and how it looks like Gotchiman's weapon. The Spacy Brothers are back at their ship, talking. They are disappointed that nobody ever arrived to witness their declaration, but they say that this failure will not defeat them. In the bushes, it shows Lovelin's gaming console, the prize for the race.





Dub Edits

  • The English version of this episode has some of the end removed.  In the Japanese version, after showing Lovelin's console in the bushes, it then shows Mametchi, Kuromametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi with cards that have pictures of Lovelin on them.
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