Ginjirotchi (ぎんじろっち Ginjirotchi) is a Tamagotchi that debuted on the original Tamagotchi. He was present in the 15th Anniversary Character Poll as a male adult.


Ginjirotchi has a blue, bean-shaped body, a large mouth with an overbite, stubby arms and legs, and a dark blue marking on his head and back. In the US artwork, his marking was black and more angular. In the Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. app, he can also be pink with a red marking, or yellow with an orange marking.


Ginjirotchi is independent and understanding. It is happy-go-lucky, cheerful, agreeable, and sensitive. He is also kind and caring, and may often be seen shedding a tear. The official Japanese site describes him as having a "very bubbly personality". Ginjirotchi has the ability to start hovering for a few seconds by spinning around, jumping, make its stomach face the ground and continue to spin.

The Nintendo Power guide to the Tamagotchi Gameboy game stated: "The quirky Ginjirotchi likes to go to bed early and get up late, but sleep must do it a lot of good, since it always has a pleasant disposition."

His profile in Found in the manga! Tamagotch states that he is severely emotional, cries easily, and that his favorite movie is the Japanese film "Otoko wa Tsurai yo".

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Generation 1

Ginjirotchi is obtained from Tamatchi with above-average care, with the discipline level around 75%.

Santaclautch no Tamagotch

Ginjirotchi is one of the characters that may appear on the Tamagotchi Monitor.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 2

Ginjirotchi appears in odd generations with above-average care.

Tamagotchi Mini

Ginjirotchi appears as a special adult on the English version. He evolves from Mametchi with perfect care.

Tamagotchi Music Star

After concert performances, Ginjirotchi can sometimes be spotted within the crowd.

Tamagotchi 4U

With the 1996 Ver. downloads, Ginjirotchi may appear when visiting the 1996 Tamagotchi Town.

Tamagotchi m!x

On the 20th Anniversary and Gift versions, Ginjirotchi, along with Nyorotchi and Tarakotchi, appears at Professor Banzo's lab when the Time Machine is used.

In Media

Anime TV de Hakken!! Tamagotchi

Ginjirotchi anime
In Ginjirotchi's episode, he wanders in a field and does a happy dance, where he jumps in the air and twirls around. Other Tamagotchis see him and find his dance entertaining, eventually drawing a huge crowd. But then Ginjirotchi starts getting too dizzy to keep performing the dance properly, so the rest of the Tamagotchis depart.

In the ninth episode, which focuses on the characters of the Tamagotchi Angel, he dies in the hospital and his spirit leaves his body in the form of Obaketchi. He is escorted to the Tenshitchi Capital, where he eventually evolves into Ginjirotchi Angel. He finds some sweets and is about to eat them, but discovers they were bait left by Deviltchi. Chestnut Angel fends Deviltchi off, and the Tamagotchi Angels invite Ginjirotchi Angel to have dessert with them.

Tva ginjirotchi

Tamagotchi Video Adventures

Ginjirotchi is one of the many Tamagotchi characters sent to Earth to collect a souvenir. He is partnered with Takotchi, and they bring back a red Cadillac. Ginjirotchi also does an impersonation of Elvis Presley.

Found in the Manga! Tamagotch

In Found in the manga! Tamagotch, Ginjirotchi is emotionally fragile and cries over almost anything, even if it isn't sad. The Boy first met Ginjirotchi in a library and saw him crying over a book. The Boy thought it must be an emotional story, but it was revealed that Ginjirotchi was looking at a map book.


Ginjirotchi Angel

See Ginjirotchi Angel

Jr. Ginjirotchi

See Jr. Ginjirotchi

Mr. Ginjirotchi

See Mr. Ginjirotchi

Name origin

"Ginjiro" (ぎんじろ) is a Japanese name that names "good silver".


  • Ginjirotchi was one of the four Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary plush toys released by Bandai America.
  • The Super Game Boy border for Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Osucchi to Mesucchi shows three Ginjirotchi swimming under the ocean.
  • Judging by the above fact, and the fact that he appears riding a wave in Tamagotchi Honto no Hanashi, it can be inferred that Ginjirotchi likes water or is good at swimming.
  • His snout and marking imply that his design could have been based on a penguin or a common dolphin.


Ginjirotchi close


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