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Ginkotchi (ぎんこっち Ginkotchi) is a male adult Tamagotchi character. He appears as a nonraisable character on the O-uchi no Deka Tamagotchi and the O-uchi no Deka Tamagotchi Game Ō Kettēsen.


Ginkotchi's head resembles a sack of Gotchi Points, and he has a pink beak and wears glasses. He usually has a serious expression on his face. He wears formal clothing, including a dark blue vest over a white dress shirt, a light blue necktie, gray pants, and brown shoes. In some artwork, he holds what appears to be a blue tray with a sack of Gotchi Points on it.

On Virtual Pets

O-uchi no Deka Tamagotchi / Game Ō Kettēsen

Ginkotchi appears at the Gotchi Bank. His role is similar to the shopkeepers on other toys. He will greet the player and ask what they would like to do with their Gotchi Points. In his sprite artwork, only his face can be seen.

Name Origin

Ginkotchi's name comes from Ginkō, (銀行) the Japanese word for 'bank'.


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