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Go-Go Best Friends (ゴーゴーベストフレンズ) is a one-shot Tamagotchi manga that was distributed in Tamagotchi Department Stores. It is currently available to read online for free through the official Japanese site.


The story revolves around a young girl named Momo and her best friend Aoi. Aoi has a blue Tamagotchi 4U and has raised a Lovelitchi. Amazed with Aoi's pet, Momo gets a pink Tamagotchi 4U to raise one herself. A baby boy, Yochiyotchi, is born, and soon grows into a Fuyofuyotchi. Momo takes the best care she can, hoping to get a cute or handsome Tamagotchi, like Mametchi or KuroMametchi.

One day, while hanging out with Aoi, Fuyofuyotchi evolves into a Kuchipatchi. Momo is initially excited to have a fully grown Tamagotchi, but soon finds that Kuchipatchi is not as cute, clever or well-mannered as Aoi's Lovelitchi. Ashamed and angry with her outcome, Momo decides to leave her Tamagotchi at home instead of bringing it to school. But later that day, she realizes that abandoning her pet could cause it to die.

When Momo gets home, she finds that Kuchipatchi has run away. Heartbroken, Momo finds Aoi and asks for her help. The two are able to find Kuchipatchi camping out at the park, and Momo pleads for him to come home. After the two reconcile, Aoi reminds Momo that Sitter Poketchi can look after Kuchipatchi if Momo is too busy to care for him. The two friends walk home together while Kuchipatchi and Lovelitchi play together.




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