Go Go! Tama Adventure! / Looking for The Pumpkin Soup Lake (ゆけゆけ!ちびっこトリオ / ゴクゴク!パンプキンスープの泉 Yukeyuke! Chibikko torio / Gokugoku! Panpukin sūpu no izumi) is episode 12 of Tamagotchi!


For Tamagotchis, there is a tradition that little children have a big adventure. This time, Chamametchi, Imotchi, and Kikitchi decide to go to the pumpkin soup fountain in the Pumpkin Forest. Can the three get there safely?


At Mametchi's house, Mamametchi gives Chamametchi her cape, pumpkin hat, and cup to get her ready for an adventure. Lovelin comes on TV to explain the tradition: On Tamaween, young tamagotchis make a journey through Pumpkin Forest with their friends to get to Pumpkin Soup Fountain. When they drink the fountain's soup, they are said to grow into healthy and happy grown ups. Imotchi and Kikitchi are also shown getting ready, with Imotchi confident about the trip and Kikitchi getting annoyed with his mom giving him a pumpkin mask that is way too big for him.

The next day, Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi are in Pumpkin Forest getting ready to scare the kids for what they did yesterday. Mametchi flashes back to them at Tama Cafe talking to the kids about their adventure tomorrow. Kikitchi accuses Kuchipatchi of not even making it to the fountain and fainting in the forest from fright which angers Kuchipatchi. Imotchi then says it was a wonder they even found the fountain as her sister always gets lost and is very bad at directions, causing Memetchi to argue with her. Later that day, Kuchipatchi and Memetchi resolve to get payback by scaring them in the forest and watching them get lost. Mametchi warns that they'll be acting like little kids if they do this, but they state that they're still kids so it's okay, making Mametchi sigh. The scene cuts to Pipospetchi and Akaspetchi telling Spacytchi about the Pumpkin Forest tradition. Spacytchi is amazed at what he hears, believing that drinking the soup will bring them great power. He responds that they'll take over the Pumpkin Soup Fountain tomorrow so they can have all the power to themselves.

On Tamaween, Chamametchi and Imotchi gather at the entrance of Pumpkin Forest. Kikitchi comes and accidentally scares them with his pumpkin mask and the three begin their adventure, singing a song along the way. Meanwhile, Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi do a scare rehearsal, but then stop because it's hot in the costumes. Kuchipatchi rolls on the floor complaining about being hungry and Mametchi thinks back to their own trip through the forest as young kids. According to Mametchi's narration, it took them a lot of time to find the lake. They traversed near the stream, through the caves, took shelter from the rain, and made lots of misdirections thanks to Memetchi. Kuchipatchi eventually uses his nose to follow the scent of the soup which leads them to Pumpkin Soup Lake. They celebrate by taking a delicious drink of pumpkin soup and hanging their cups on a branch.

At the present, the sky begins to rain. The older group takes shelter as the kids build their own out of leaves. Kikitchi complements himself on coming up with the idea to build a shelter, but Imotchi calls him out saying it was Chamametchi's idea. Kikitchi replies that they share all the ideas and Imotchi responds that he can't say that until he comes up with his own original idea which he ponders on until the rain stops. The scene changes to the older group who seem to be looking for the kids. Memetchi and Kuchipatchi begin to genuinely worry about them and they decide to not scare the kids anymore, making Mametchi proud of them. Memetchi suggests looking for them so they can watch them instead and the boys agree. Unfortunately, she leads them in the wrong direction after arguing that her hair curl (messed up from the rain) is telling her the right direction. Elsewhere, the Spacy Brothers pop out of the bushes on their own adventure to the lake.

The kids continue their journey as the other group gets lost in the forest. They encounter a steep cliff and the girls wonder if they should go around as jumping down it would be dangerous. Kikitchi grabs a big leaf from a tree and uses it as a sled to slide down the cliff and the girls follow with the same method. They thank Kikitchi for coming up with a great idea and he responds that it's their idea too as they're sharing. The Spacy Brothers eventually run into a lake which they rush into and drink from, saying that it's delicious, but it tastes a lot like water. It turns out it really is water as the scene zooms out to show a running water tap that flows into the lake they're in.

Meanwhile, the trio of kids finally arrive at Pumpkin Soup Lake. They celebrate by taking a drink out of it and they become delighted with its delicious flavor. Back with the older group, they have no idea where the kids are and complain about being lost. Kuchipatchi begins to complain about being hungry and he once again uses his nose to locate the lake. Before he could take a drink, Memetchi spots the mugs the trio hung on a branch years ago. Mametchi then spots the mugs the kids used and is pleased that they've found the lake on their own.

Chamametchi returns home and tell hers parents and Hapihapitchi about her discovery of pumpkin soup lake. The three are proud of her success, but Papamametchi wonders where Mametchi is as it's now night time. The last scene shows Memetchi and Kuchipatchi arguing over the way back home, with Memetchi asserting it's in the wrong direction again.






  • In the english dub, Pumpkin Forest is instead referred to as "Kin Forest".
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