Gotchi Figures are figurines that are attached to the Tama-Go to unlock games and items. They were usually sold separately, which came with new items and minigames. Due to the poor sales of the Tama-Go, only twelve of the figures ended up being produced.

'Full' and 'Lite' Figures

There are two types of Gotchi Figure:

  • Lite Figures- Come with the Tama-Go, do not have a ROM. The Tama-Go recognises that there is a figure attached, but there is no ROM, so a game is loaded from the memory. Although there are 6 Lite figure designs, there are only two types of Lite figure, each unlocking a different game. The two games which can be unlocked using a Lite figure are named 'cradles' and 'coin catch'. Another game, 'pattern shoot', can be unlocked by exploiting glitches. Because a ROM isn't needed for the Tama-Go, Lite figures can be faked using metal wires to connect the contacts on the top of the Tama-Go.
  • 'Full' Gotchi Figures- Each unlock two games, and either a Food or Item shop. Unlike Lite figures, Gotchi figures are sold separately. There are currently 12 different 'Full' figures, although two have not yet been found in shops. Full figures, unlike Lite figures, have ROMs. Most likely to save money, certain figures are fitted with the same ROM, so by exploiting glitches, certain figures can be used as up to two other types of figures.

Types of Figure

There are currently 18 figures and 12 diffrent charcters.

Wave 1 Figures-

  • LITE Mametchi/Memetchi/Kuchipatchi
  • Mametchi #101
  • Memetchi #
  • Kuchipatchi #
  • Violetchi
  • Ringotchi
  • Chamametchi

Wave 2 Figures-

  • LITE Mametchi (Sparkly open eyes)/Memetchi (Open sparkly eyes)/Kuchipatchi (Open eyes)
  • Sebritchi
  • KuroMametchi
  • Ponytchi
  • Ichigotchi
  • Makiko
  • ShimaShimatchi
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