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Gotchi Points (ごっちポイント Gotchi Pointo), abbreviated as GP, ₲ or P, are the unit of currency used on Tamagotchi Planet, debuting on the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus in Japan, and on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 internationally.


Gotchi Points resemble gold coins with the ₲ symbol engraved on both sides. They are often distributed in large sacks with either ₲ or "P" on them.

The symbol for Gotchi Points is ₲ on all Japanese virtual pets. In the US, its symbol is "P", though "₲" is used on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 and V5 Celebrity.

On the Tamatown websites and the color editions, there are gray and yellow sacks of Gotchi Points, and typically the yellow sacks contain more Gotchi Points.


Gotchi Points are obtained mainly from playing the games; how much the player can earn depends on how well they played the game, but they can also be obtained in other ways, such as from a money tree in Tamagotchi Plus Color, from passing "Pro Debut" in Tamagotchi Music Star, or when the character evolves. They can also be obtained through entering codes. Gotchi Points can be used to shop for items on any modern Tamagotchi (excluding the Tamagotchi Mini, TamagoChu, Tamagotchi Nano, and Tamagotchi Plus). Meals, Snacks, Toys, house renovation, jewelry, and more can all be purchased with Gotchi Points, depending on the version.

A maximum of 9,999 Gotchi Points can be earned on the Keitai, Akai, Version 2 and Version 3; a maximum of 99,999 on Entama, Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 and the color Tamagotchis, a maximum of 999,999 on Tamagotchi School versions 1 and 2, and 9 billion on the Tamagotchi Music Star.

Gotchi Points are an important part of the Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop series of games. They are used to open new shops as well as purchase food, furniture, and outfits for the Tamagotchi partner. Also, in Tamagotchi: Party On! they can be used for buying decorations and upgrading the player's headquarters.

Gotchi Points also appear in the Dream Town game for the English Tamagotchi Friends website. They are used to buy items from various stores. Players can receive Gotchi Points from filling other Tamagotchis' hearts and by recycling items in the Park.



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