The Gotchi Queen (たまご王女 Tamago Ōjo) is the queen of the Tamagotchi Planet, as well as the wife of the Gotchi King, the mother of Princess Tamako and Princess Tamakoko, and the sister of Tamanori


The Gotchi Queen has an egg-shaped head with sparkling eyes, a pink beak, and violet hair tied up in a large bun with a red crown. She wears a purple dress with round, red latches, and a red and white cape.


The Gotchi Queen and the Gotchi King always worry about their daughters. When the Princesses go out of the house, the Gotchi Queen often follows them incognito to make sure they're okay.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity

The Gotchi Queen is the female parent-stage character of the Gotchi King Family. She evolves from Rosetchi (marrying Prince Tamahiko) or Princess Tamako (marrying Tamastatchi) when the bonding percentage is 100%.

In the Anime

The Gotchi Queen appears in Tamagotchi! as a background character. She makes an appearance in episode 21, where she welcomes a group of girls to the castle. She does not have as many appearances as the Gotchi King or Princess Tamako.

Name Origin

The Gotchi Queen's Japanese name is a combination of Tamago (meaning "egg") and Ōjo (meaning "princess"). Her English name is perhaps meant to be parallel the Gotchi King's, hence changing her name to "Gotchi" and using the title of queen instead of princess.



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