Gotchiman (ゴッチマン Gotchiman), usually stylized as GOTCHIMAN in Japan, is the hero and main character of the Gotchiman TV show produced by TAMAX-TV. He appears on the Tamagotchi iD L as a nonraisable character.


Gotchiman is taller and more muscular than most other Tamagotchis. His skin is a pale cream color and he wears a white suit that covers most of his body. He also wears a red belt with a silver buckle, a red cape, yellow boots and gloves, and yellow underwear on the outside of his suit. There is a yellow "G" on the front of the suit. He is always seen wearing a red mask with a yellow sparkle on it, with the exception of a blue one he wore once to go out in public without being recognized.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi iD L

The player's Tamagotchi can talk to Gotchiman when visiting Donuts Park.

In the Anime

Mametchi loves to watch the Gotchiman show and is Gotchiman's biggest fan; he has met him a few times in person and has been motivation for Gotchiman to continue being a superhero. Tamagotchi Planet stores would sell Gotchiman merchandise such as posters, figures and stickers to promote him. The Gotchiman show always starts at 7:30AM and Mametchi created an invention so he would never miss it.

In the show, the villain is Black Hat who is always defeated by Gotchiman. Gotchiman does not have any super powers, but uses his gadgets and Gotchi Car to save the day.

Not many people watch his show anymore; and as a result the ratings have gone down. Lovelin and Herotchi have made guest appearances to help with the show’s ratings, but people will only watch when Lovelin is featured. Gotchiman has proven himself to be a real hero not only in the show but in real life, like when he saved a bus full of Tamagotchis from falling off of a bridge. He is always trying to help people in need.

Names in other languages

Region Release Name Etymology
Hong Kong Anime 哥池俠 go1 ci4 hap6 哥池 "Gotchi" + 俠 "hero; -man"