The Grim Gotchi (死神 Shinigami) is a spirit character and the penultimate symbol of Death. It debuted on the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus in Japan and the Tamagotchi On internationally.


The Grim Gotchi resembles a small, black ghost with a pointed tail, a wide head, two horns, and narrow yellow eyes.


On modern Japanese virtual pets, the Grim Gotchi serves as a visual warning that the Tamagotchi is about to die. It will appear floating above the Tamagotchi, and the pet will die several minutes after it appears. Once time is up, the Grim Gotchi and the user's Tamagotchi will float away, leaving a tombstone and Obaketchi. On certain releases, the Grim Gotchi can be stopped before taking the Tamagotchi away, but as more Grim Gotchis appear, your chance to save the Tamagotchi has passed.

On the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus, Akai, Entama and Uratama, if the user's Tamagotchi has died once before, their photo will appear in the "Memory" section of the Album. The user can have their Tamagotchi pray to the photo, making the deceased Tamagotchi's spirit happy. The next time the Grim Gotchi appears, the user can select the photo again, and that Tamagotchi's spirit will be summoned to chase the Grim Gotchi away. However, this can only be performed once per photo.

Starting from the Tamagotchi Plus Color onward, the user can select the First Aid Kit icon (or the Clover icon on some releases), triggering an ambulance to appear and escort the Tamagotchi to the hospital. The Grim Gotchi is shown in some animations to get knocked aside by the ambulance, or getting banished by Chestnut Angel. On most Japanese releases between the iD and 4U+, the Grim Gotchi will not appear for adult Tamagotchi, who run away from home instead of dying.

The Grim Gotchi has never appeared in an English release prior to Tamagotchi On (with the exception of the English Tamagotchi iD L) mostly due to cultural differences.

Name Origin

Its Japanese name translates literally to "Death God". Its English name is in part inspired by the Grim Reaper, a personification of death.

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