Grippatchi (ごりっぱっち Gorippatchi), also known Gorippa-Sensei (ごりっぱ先生) or Ms. Perfect, is a special female adult character. She debuted on the TamaFure, and has also appeared on the TamaTown Tama-Go and the Tamagotchi Plus Color. She is a teacher at Tamagotchi School.


Grippatchi has an ape-like appearance. She has brown skin and a peach-colored face. She has a green leaf growing out of the top of her head. She can pluck it off, and a new one will grow in its place. She has sparkly eyes, a round nose, pink cheeks, and small buckteeth. She wears a pink dress.


When Grippatchi is proud of a student or friend, she will pluck off her leaf and write "A+" ("ゴリ" in Japanese) and give it to them.Grippatchi usually has a distinctive laugh when she's happy. It sounds like "Hoho!" in the English dubs (although it's written as "Haha!"), but more like "Oo-ho!" (うほっ) in Japanese, kinda lika a gorilla sound. She loves the taste of bananas, and eats them often. In Tamagotchi Corner Shop 3, Principal Mimizu says that Grippatchi has a crush on Mr. Canvas

Hatugatchi admires Grippatchi for her perfect leaf on her head. 

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Plus Color

Grippatchi can be obtained by marrying Ojitchi and Otokitchi. If a Nokotchi is born, it will grow into Grippatchi in one hour.

Tamatown Tama-Go

Grippatchi can be obtained by marrying Ojitchi and Otokitchi by connection. If a Nokotchi is born, it will grow into Grippatchi in one hour after the parents leave.

In the Anime

Tamagotchi: The Movie

Grippatchi appears as a minor character. She can be seen at the Tamagotchi School during the festival preparations. At the end of the movie, she tearfully congratulates Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Chamametchi, and Tanpopo, and gives them all A+ leaves.

Let's Go! Tamagotchi

Grippatchi first appears in episode 1. She greets the students when class begins. When she notices how perfectly ready they are, she immediately gives them all As.

In episode 10, the class wants to get a birthday present for Grippatchi. At the end of the episode, they give her a special picture. She tears up from happiness and says that its the best gift she's ever recieved.

Name Origin

Gorippa is a Japanese word which means splendid. Grippatchi's name may also be a combination of gorilla, the animal she resembles, and happa, a Japanese word for leaf.


  • Grippatchi is the only teacher character who is also a raisable character.

Names in other languages

Region Name Meaning
German Frau Wunderbar Mrs. Wonderful
French Mlle Perfect Ms. Perfect
Dutch Mevrouw Perfect


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