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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.
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This article is about an English Tamagotchi release.

The Gudetama Tamagotchi (ぐでたまたまごっち) is a licensed variant of the Tamagotchi Nano based on the Sanrio character Gudetama. It was originally released in Japan in December 2017. It was released in the USA in December 2018 as a GameStop exclusive, before becoming available at Target the following month. The Gudetama Tamagotchi has appeared for sale in the UK at a small amount of Forbidden Planet stores. The box is near identical to the box of the USA version, but with a sticker covering the American information, and stating it's distributed by Bandai France.


While the Gudetama retains the same size shell and screen, the pixel resolution is increased from 24x24 pixels to 30x24 pixels. This design change would later be carried over to the Eevee x Tamagotchi.

Like previous Nano releases, the Japanese edition of the Gudetama has the battery panel held on with a pressure tab. The English edition replaces the tab with a screw.


The Gudetama Tamagotchi has two growth stages, Baby and Adult. The baby stage is 24 hours long, and can die at this stage if it is neglected enough. The Adult stage will continue until either severe neglect or old age trigger it to be taken away by chopsticks.

The meal is a bottle of mayonnaise sauce during the baby stage, and a bottle of soy sauce at the adult stage. The snack is a tomato; Gudetama plays with it instead of eating it. These fill the unseen Hungry and Happy meter, which require four to be full. There is no Poo function or equivalent. The Gudetama also calls attention to play throughout the day, regardless of how full its Happy meter is.

Pressing the C button triggers a C-click reaction of the Gudetama talking to the player. For the Japanese version, the text scrolls either above or on the left side of the screen, depending on the character. For the English version, the text scrolls above the screen. If Gudetama is hungry or unhappy, the text will change. Each evolution has its own unique quotes.

If its calls for food or to play are ignored for long enough, the Gudetama will sulk, and the user will not be able to feed or play games until it cheers it up by pressing the A button. When sulking, the Gudetama is vulnerable to chopsticks.

At 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 6:00 PM, the Gudetama will call the user to encourage them to play with it.


The Gudetama Tamagotchi's game consists of a guessing game. The player must pick which of two eggs they think Gudetama is hiding in. Pressing A chooses the left egg, and B chooses the right egg. There are five rounds, and the player must guess correctly at least once to win. Gudetama has several unique poses for when it comes out of the egg.


The Gudetama is unique from previous versions of the Tamagotchi Nano as it includes the Predator function. Three times a day, a pair of chopsticks will attempt to take away the Gudetama, and the player must press A to chase them away. They will stay on-screen for one hour. If the player fails to respond in the hour, the Gudetama may begin to sulk or get cooked into an egg dish. If the Gudetama falls asleep while being attacked, the attack will resume when it wakes up. The player will not be able to feed or play with the Gudetama while it's being attacked, but can still check the status and clock.

Egg Dishes

The primary goal of the Gudetama Tamagotchi is to see all of the different Death screens, wherein the Gudetama is cooked in a microwave into an egg dish. While some conditions for certain screens are random, the adult that the Gudetama evolves into and how it is cared for afterwards also influence which dish it is cooked into. If the Gudetama dies while still a baby, a "Ghost Gudetama" will appear instead of an egg dish.

There are a total of 20 possible death screens. Some are only available if other screens are unlocked, and therefore the player may be required to run multiple generations before certain ones are unlocked. When a new egg dish is unlocked after an evolution, a screen saying "Added New Menu!" will appear. As the Gudetama lacks an internal memory, all progress is lost if the batteries are replaced.



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