Guitaritchi is a Tamagotchi character that debuted on the Tamagotchi Music Star.


Guitaritchi resembles a guitar with arms, legs, and a face. The stripes on the body vary in color between red, orange, green, blue, pink, and purple.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Music Star

Once the user's band makes their professional debut, a Guitaritchi will become their band manager, bringing the band's paycheck once a day. Once the Tamagotchi is of marriage age, Guitaritchi will act as the Matchmaker, bringing potential love interests.

Music City

Guitaritchi appear scattered through Music City, each a different color based on their location. If the user talks to them, they give information about what activities are available in the surrounding area. A statue of an elderly Guitaritchi stands in front of the Gotchi Performing Arts School.


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