Genders and Releases:
Gulasantchi sprite

Gulasantchi (グラサンっち Gurasantchi) is a male parent Tamagotchi charcter that appeared on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity. He can also be seen on the Celebrity Cruise ship in Tama & Earth EXPO in the "Fun in the Sun" game. He works as a guide for Celebrity Beach.


Gulasantchi resembles a tanned man wearing a speedo. He has blonde hair and a mustache, and he wears large, purple sparkly sunglasses with a white rim.


A Tamagotchi that's always cool and popular with the ladies. It has the largest sunglasses collection in town and spends all its free time at the beach. It tans its skin year-round to retain its dark coloration.


Gulasantchi can evolve from Prince TamahikoGlasstchi, or Kuchipatchi.

Other appearances

Tamagotchi Music Star

Gulasantchi is a member of the judging panel. He is the hardest to please and judges the band's overall status; this includes how much the band have practiced together across teen and adult stage, and whether or not they have played in enough concerts. He will, more often than not, give the band an X in the first judged performance.

Name Origin

Gurasan (グラサン) is Japanese slang for "sunglasses".