Artwork of Guruguru Town from Tamagotchi Channel

Guruguru Town (ぐるぐるタウン Guruguru Taun) is Memetchi's hometown. It is based on the 'cheerful' characteristic.


The design of Guruguru Town reflects the trademarks of Memetchi's curly hair and the sweetness of her personality. The bright colors of the town, such as pink and yellow, emphasize the aspects of the 'cheerful' characteristic.

List of Characters from Guruguru Town


  • Memetchi's house
  • Convenience Store
  • Artistic Work Building
  • GuruGuru Park - An amusement park. Some of the rides include a Ferris wheel, a rocking boat ride, and a spinning ride. Octopatchi works here.
  • GuruGuru Cafe - A shop that specializes in drinks such as coffee and tea.
  • GuruGuru Museum - A place where Tamagotchis can learn all about swirly things.
  • Guruguru Shop - A cake shop which specializes in Swiss rolls.
  • Cosme Shop - A shop that sells cosmetics.
  • Ice Cream Shop
  • Cookie Shop

On Virtual Pets

O-uchi no Deka Tamagotchi Game Ō Kettēsen

Guruguru Town is a visitable location.

In the Anime

Guruguru Town can occasionally be seen in Tamagotchi: The Movie, Let's Go! Tamagotchi, and the Tamagotchi! series.

Tamatown Depictions

Guruguru Town was accessible on the TamaTown websites for the Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus and the Tamagotchi Connection Version 4/4.5.

In the V4/V4.5 version, players could visit the Artistic Work Building and the Convenience Store. The 'Jug of Milk' and 'Smoothie' souvenirs could be obtained at the Convenience Store, which could then appear on the player's device if they entered a code.

In Other Tamagotchi Media

Guruguru Town is one of three places where shops are located in Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop. It is also a visitable location in Tamagotchi no Appare! Niji-Venture.


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