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Ha Island (ハー島 Hā shima) short for Heart Island (ハート島 Hāto shima),

Ha Island in the anime.

is a small island in the Tamagotchi! anime. The island is shaped as a hollow heart with a rainbow which doubles as the entrance and exit to the island. It is the home of Kizunatchi, Hatokamitchi, Denshohatotchi, and Yumecantchi.

The legendary Ice Tama Heart is found here at the bottom of a small lake, called the Legendary Water (伝説の水 Densetsu no mizu). The island also has its own special fruit, called Heart Berries (ハートベリー).

In addition to the Tama Heart, when the lake is frozen and all other Tama Hearts are gathered, the lake triggers the appearance of an altar, consists of many towers. Each tower can be embedded with a Tama Heart and a Mysterious Plate, and when the power of bond is used as well, this enables the process of purifying the Tamagotchi Planet, should the planet shrouded in darkness by the Eggification Curse.

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