Hanatarezoutchi (はなたれぞーっち) is a male Tama Pet who belongs to Violetchi.


Hanatarezoutchi resembles a small, yellow elephant with two green leaves sprouting from his head. He has a blue flower on each of his round ears, and has a handle on his back.


Hanatarezoutchi looks and acts like a watering can, with water coming out of his trunk. He enjoys helping Violetchi and Kizatchi water flowers in the family garden.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5

Hanatarezoutchi appears in various animations for the Violet Family, and appears on the family name screen.

Name Origin

Hanatarekozou is a Japanese term used to describe someone with a runny nose, referencing Hanatarezoutchi's trunk. Additionally, hana can also mean flower, and zou can mean elephant.


Hanatarezotchi sprite.png


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