Hanepatchi (はねぱっち)

Genders and Releases:

Hanepatchi sprite.gif

Hanepatchi (はねぱっち) is a male child-stage Tamagotchi character who only appears on the Tamagotchi iD, where he is one of two male child characters. He evolves randomly from Pachikutchi. He can evolve into either Kilalatchi with 0-3 care misses, or Monapatchi with 4 or more care misses.


He resembles a round blue ball. He has small arms and stick legs, as well as an orange beak. He has a feathery yellow, orange, and green plume on his head.

Name Origin

Hane (はね) is Japanese for "feather" or "plume", describing the ornament on his head.

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