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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.

The Hanerutchi (はねるっち) or Hanerutchi 1, is a Tamagotchi released in 2005 exclusive to Japan. The programming is based on that of the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus, while the characters (with the exception of baby and child) are based on characters from the Japanese comedy variety show Haneru No Tobira. The Hanerutchi was later followed up by the Hanerutchi 2.


The Tamagotchi Hanerutchi was released in three colours; red, green and blue. In the background, there is a banana and a piece of cardboard with small squares (grid paper). This is the TV show logo.


The Hanerutchi has a total of 21 characters. The baby and toddler characters are from the Keitai Tamagotchi, but the teen, adult, special and senior characters are from Haneru No Tobira. Each character has a Keitai equivelant but there are only four teens instead of six, and the remaining two teens appear in the running race game. Also, instead of the Wool item, there is a "Yumeko-chan's photo" item which turns the worst care adult on an even generation (Mugatchi) into Ootamutchi, the same way the Wool item turned Kurokotchi into Wooltchi.


Check Meter

This icon is used to check the hunger and happiness levels, discipline level, weight, age and gender.


This icon is used to feed the character. There are four meals and four snacks.


This icon is used when the character is seen with lines around it, or when there are messes on screen. Responding in time will make it go to the bathroom. Messes on screen will also be cleaned up using this icon.


This icon is used to access three games. The gameplay is similar to that of the Keitai, but with minor changes.

The aim of the first game is to catch global stones (resembling the figure 9) into a bucket while avoiding messes. Scoring 100 points counts as a win, with catching light coloured stones being worth one point, and dark coloured stones being worth two.

The aim of the second game is to throw smiley faces into a room with an open door. Successfully throwing thirty smiley faces counts as a win.

The aim of the third game is to guess what position the player will finish in a race against two other characters.


This icon is used to activate Tamacom to communicate with another Hanerutchi, Keitai, Tamagotchi Plus, certain cellphones in Japan, Home Deka and other Tamagotchi based off of the Keitai.


This icon is used to raise the discipline level. There are two options: scold and praise. When the character is misbehaving, such as when it refuses to eat or calls for no reason, select this option. On the other hand, when it is in an unhappy mood, select this option.


This icon is used when the character is sick. Contributing one to two doses of medicine will cure it.


This icon is used when the character goes to sleep. The two options are on and off. Selecting off will turn off the lights. Sometimes turning the lights off up to half an hour before it is due to go to sleep will make it go to sleep earlier on.


This icon is used to check the characters' friend list and the closeness level and the items it owns. The first option is friend list and the second is items.

Special Items

The Hanerutchi has a total of 12 special items which have a code which can be entered to unlock. Alternatively, some of the items can be purchased from the street vendor.


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