Hapihapitchi Helps Out! (ハピハピっちがんばる! ワン! Hapihapitchi ganbaru! Wan!) is part 2 of episode 15 of Tamagotchi!. The creator of the episode is Matsui Aya.


Hapihapitchi and Chamametchi find a crying girl called Winditchi while playing outside. The two decide to help her out as she is lost.


As Mamametchi tells her kids to be safe as she leaves the house, Lovelin on TV forecasts strong winds coming. Mametchi tells Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi to stay inside so the girls head to their room and start drawing while Mametchi comes up to tell them that he'll be downstairs watching TV. Soon, Hapihapitchi falls asleep and Chamametchi puts her crayon down out of boredown. She looks out the window and states that she wants to go play outside, but Hapihapitchi wakes up and reiterates that Mametchi told them to stay inside. She insists on playing outside for only a few minutes and Hapihapitchi reluctantly follows.

The two walk down the street and Chamametchi picks up a leaf from the ground and keeps it. Hapihapitchi's heart antenna then starts beeping and turning blue and she states that she senses someone not happy in the area. She follows the source to a playground where there is a girl crying under a slide. The girl is shy at first, but explains that she is lost. She remember playing with her brother, but he suddenly disappeared, leaving her alone. After hearing her out, the two offer to help her find her brother.

As they start the search, Chamametchi asks Winditchi where her brother usually hangs out. She replies that they often play hide and seek and that her brother is so fast at hiding that she usually doesn't find him. She then adds that he changes his hiding spot occasionally. Hapihapitchi gets an idea and explains that she'll go back to Mametchi to tell him about the situation so he can help them out. Agreeing with her idea, Chamametchi and Winditchi go off to play on a swing while Hapihapitchi flies away.

Up in the sky, a tamagotchi appears out of gust of wind, calling out and looking for Winditchi. During his search, his wind trails blow Hapihapitchi away in the process, but she manages to recover. Her heart antenna then turns blue again and she tracks the source to a mother and son who had lost a balloon. She brings the balloon back to him and they thank her as she flies away saying that it's important for her to make everybody happy. Elsewhere, the wind tamagotchi continues to search for Winditchi, blowing a woman's laundry off a clothes lines in the process. Hapihapitchi senses her unhappiness and helps her pick the laundry back up. At the playground, Winditchi and Chamametchi sit on a swing as Chamametchi says that Lovelin's windy weather report was true. Winditchi questions her dislike of windy weather and Chamametchi replies that she doesn't dislike it. She pulls out a leaf from earlier and says that it's a "gift from the wind" which makes Winditchi light up. A sudden gust blows on the two of them and Chamametchi wonders how long Hapihapitchi will take.

Through a strong headwind, Hapihapitchi reaches the Mame Family house. Inside, Mametchi watches an episode of Gotchiman where Black Hat is attacking Gotchiman with a giant fan. Hapihapitchi struggles to reach the door through all the strong winds and gets blown away as she shouts out to Mametchi that Chamametchi and Winditchi need him. She recovers her balance and the win person appears before her, having heard Winditchi's name. He introduces himself as Winditchi's brother, Whirltchi and explains that he went so fast that he went too far from Winditchi during their hide and seek game. Hapihapitchi then tells him that Winditchi is at the playground waiting for him and she leads him there.

They arrive at the playground and Whirltchi reunites with Winditchi at last. Chamametchi congratulates Hapihapitchi for her efforts before her heart antenna beeps again. She then asks the three for a favor and they go to the lady whose laundry had blown off in the wind. Hapihapitchi asks the wind siblings to help her dry her laundry and the two use their wind powers on it. The woman thanks them for their help and Hapihapitchi is pleased that everyone is finally happy. Back at the house, the Gotchiman episode ends with Gotchiman triumphing over Black Hat with his car outfitted with giant fans to blow him away. Mametchi then goes up to Chamametchi's room to check on the two, but sees them sleeping. He gently closes the door and two gusts of wind are show briefly stopping by the girls' window before flying away.







  • Hapihapitchi's antenna is seen sensing when people are unhappy for the first time in the anime series since the movie, Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe!. This is part of her Happy Power where she used to release the feeling of happiness on people who needed it. In this episode, she only uses her sensing power and helps out people without using her happiness sharing power.
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