Harapparatchi (はらっぱらっち Harapparatchi) is a male Tama Pet who belongs to Shinshitchi. He is obtainable on the Tamagotchi iD L.

The only thing he can say is "hara".


Harapparatchi has light green fluffy fur, making him look like a bush, and pointy ears. He has a yellow flower with five petals on one side of his head, and a green sprout with two leaves on the other. He has two yellow legs and three tufts of fur on his forehead. He also has a small, bunny-like tail.


Harapparatchi is full of energy and moves by bouncing. He is very playful, but also reckless; he often bumps into things and knocks stuff down, sometimes even hurting himself. In episode 77 of the anime, he frightens Telelin with his lively and rough nature, but they become friends once Telelin realizes that he only wanted to have fun. He gets bored when Shinshitchi goes out, which is why he was so eager to play with Telelin.

The sprout on his head waggles when he's happy and droops when he's sad. He licks someone if he likes them.

Name Origin

Harapparatchi's name may come from the Japanese word harappa (原っぱ), meaning an open grassy field. This correlates to some of Harapparatchi's appearance traits, such as his bush-like body, flower, and sprout.