Harptchi (ハープっち Hāputchi) is a female adult character that debuted in the anime Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream. For virtual pets, she debuted on the Tamagotchi P's in Japan, and on the Tamagotchi Friends internationally.


Harptchi has a pink face, and pink arms. Her dress and hair are light blue. She has a brown "hat" on her head, that looks like it has a harp attached to the right side. On the left side of her head is a long white ribbon, with a pink button in the middle.


According to the Tamagotchi Friends website, she has an easygoing personality. Her favorite instrument is the harp, and she can play the one attached to her head.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi P's

Harptchi is a secret character that can obtained from any female teen with high Charisma and is part of five or more 3- or 4-way connections.

Tamagotchi Friends

Harptchi evolves from any female teen with poor care (Nokobotchi with 5 or more Care Mistakes, Painaputchi with 4 or more, or Neotchi with 7 or more) and trained with an Active personality. If no personality is trained, the teen will have a 33% chance of becoming Harptchi.

In the Anime

Harptchi and her band performing

Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream

Harptchi is in the music class at Dream School. She is in the Pretty Princesses band, but she uses a Smapi to perform, instead of her harp.

Name Origin

Harptchi's name comes from the English word 'harp', which her appearance is based on. Her Japanese name uses hāpu (ハープ), a transliteration for harp.


Harptchi sprite friends.png

Names in other languages

Region Release Name Etymology
Russia Tamagotchi Friends Xapпчи {{{ru-tr}}} From Japanese.


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