Harukazetchi (はるかぜっち) is a female character that first featured in episode 123 of the Tamagotchi! anime, in addition to making a cameo appearance in the final episode of GO-GO Tamagotchi!. She comes from the same Tamagotchi species as Winditchi and Whirltchi, having the same ability to turn into the wind.

On the virtual pets, she was available to marry on the Tamagotchi m!x station as a spring exclusive.

In the Anime

Mametchi and his friends met Harukazetchi while visiting the last Tama-Mizuki tree to try and find a way to save it. She lives in Kaze Kaze Village (かぜかぜ村 Kaze Kaze Mura, lit. Breeze Breeze Village). She and Midotetchi (from Hana Hana Village) help plants grow, with her specialty being spreading pollen with her wind powers. However, their villages are at rivalry with each other and they are discouraged from being together. While Midotetchi is stubborn and hides his feelings, Harukazetchi is much more open and friendly. After restoring the Tama-Mizuki tree together, the two of them tried convincing their villages to work together and become friends. This caused two Tama Hearts to appear.


Harukazetchi's head is yellow with a white face, and she has white arms and legs. She has two light blue swirls of hair coming from her forehead; one is short and the other is very long. In the back of her head is a brown stalk that has white fluff at the end, resembling a dandelion puff. Her eyes are light blue, and she wears a blue dress that appears spiky at the bottom.

Name origin

Harukaze (春風) is a Japanese term meaning "spring breeze". Haru means "spring" and kaze means "breeze" or "wind".


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