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Hatokamitchi (ハートかみっち) is the legendary god of Tama Heart . Kizunatchi is his Tama Heart collecter, and Denshohatotchi is his carrier pigeon. He never leaves Ha Island. He loves hot tea and TamaDepa donuts.


Hatokamitchi has a white, fluffy, pear-shaped body. He has a pink heart on top of his head and another one on his stomach. He has small round eyes with brown irises, and fluffy eyebrows and a fluffy moustache. He carries a pink staff which has a heart shape at the tip, which is then used by Kizunatchi (both forms) to cure the eggification curse by using magic.

In the Anime


Hatokamitchi appears in episodes 128 139, and 143.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Hatokamitchi appears briefly in episode 50, during the special performance of Happy Happy Harmony and watching tamagotchi planet. He can be found on Ha Island with Denshohatotchi, Kizunatchi (in her evolved form, Yumecantchi, and Fortune Teller.

Name Origin

His name comes from the word Hāto (ハート) meaning heart, and kami (神 / かみ) meaning god or guardian.


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