Hello Kitty (ハローキティ) is a Sanrio character that appears on the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus and the Sanrio versions of the Tamagotchi m!x and Tamagotchi Meets. The Hello Kitty Tamagotchi is also themed after her.


Hello Kitty is a white Japanese Bobtail Cat with a bow, pink cheeks and a round, yellow nose. In her Keitai sprite, she wears her bow over her left ear. In her Tamagotchi m!x artwork, she instead wears a pink bow on the center of her head, and wears light blue overalls. Her artwork depicts a small pink heart on her left ear, which is absent from her sprite.


Hello Kitty is bright, sweet, kindhearted, and tomboyish. She is good at baking cookies and likes to collect cute things. She has a twin sister named Mimmy.

On Virtual Pets

Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus

A plush doll of Hello Kitty can be obtained by using the code 07374 77775. When used, the Tamagotchi will take a nap with the plush. Using this item fills two Happy hearts. This item is removed from later waves of Keitai shells, the Hanerutchi 1, and Keitai Kaitsuu! Tamagotchi Plus Akai.

Tamagotchi P's

She appears on the Sanrio Deco Pierce as a costume that can changed into by Mametchi.

Tamagotchi m!x

Hello Kitty is a m!xable adult exclusive to the Sanrio Version of the Tamagotchi m!x. She is encountered in Puroland. The only traits that can be inherited from her upon marriage are her bow/whiskers and her eyes.

Tamagotchi Meets

Hello Kitty is a m!xable adult exclusive to the Sanrio Version of the Tamagotchi Meets. She is encountered in Puroland. The only traits that can be inherited from her upon marriage are her bow/whiskers and her eyes. She quizzes the user's Tamagotchi in the Sanrio Quiz game.

Hello Kitty Tamagotchi

Hello Kitty appears as a NPC character who assists the user in caring for their Tamagotchi. She appears in the opening animation performing a Close Up, and after the egg is hatched, she subsequently appears in the feeding animations, during the two games, cleaning Joey's messes, and in all three ending sequences. If the user wins a perfect game, an animation will play showing Hello Kitty either dancing or sharing one of her toys with the user's Tamagotchi. She will also present the user's Tamagotchi with a bow if they play enough perfect games within 24 hours of becoming an adult.

In Games

Tamagotchi Meets App

Hello Kitty made a guest appearance in the Tamagotchi Meets app from May 31st to July 4th, 2019. Interacting with her granted the user's Tamagotchi a gift.


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