Hic! The Hiccups Will Not Stop (ひゃっく! しゃっくりが止まらない Hyakku! Shakkuri ga tomaranai) is part one of episode 43 of the Tamagotchi! anime. It originally aired on the 16th of August, 2010. It was later rebroadcast as the 8th Tamagotchi! Tamatomo Daishuu GO episode on the 21st of May, 2015.

The episode was written by Mamiko Ikeda.

TV Tokyo Synopsis

Memetchi gets the hiccups and they won't go away. She tries various methods to get rid of them, but they still do not stop... (Source)

Detailed Plot Description

At Tamagotchi School, Mr. Turtlepedia is giving a speech to all the students. He then announces that Principal Mimizu will continue the speech. However, as soon as he begins, he is interrupted by the sound of a hiccup. After a moment of silence, he continues to speak, only to be interrupted once again by an even louder hiccup. Everyone wonders who is hiccuping, and it turns out to be Memetchi.

After school, Memetchi is walking home with Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, Lovelitchi, Telelin, and Makiko, but she is still hiccuping. Makiko tells Memetchi that she will permanently lose her sense of direction once the hiccups go away, frightening Memetchi. Mametchi says that some "hiccup ghosts" will haunt her when they go away, terrifying her even more. Lovelitchi says that it's not true and that drinking a glass of water will make them go away.

Memetchi gets a glass of water and is about to drink it, but Kuchipatchi takes it from her and drinks it instead. Telelin says that Memetchi should walk in a straight line balancing a glass of water on her head. Then, Telelin commands her to walk backwards, jump up and down, and turn around. Memetchi frantically attempts all this but then gets angry at Telelin.

Mametchi makes a useful invention for Memetchi; a device that counts how many times its wearer will hiccup before they go away. He puts it around her neck and the number reads as 1,358, causing her to freak out. Telelin starts muttering about paranormal stuff and Lovelitchi quickly stuffs her in her bag. Kuchipatchi says that they should try to scare Memetchi's hiccups away, which gives Mametchi an idea.

Mametchi has Kuchipatchi test out a new invention he made. Kuchipatchi stands on the platform, and it suddenly launches him into the air. He gets launched far away and lands in a large cylinder-shaped machine. His screams are heard from inside, and then he gets deposited out the door, shivering and blue with terror. Mametchi tells Memetchi to try it, but she runs away in fear.

Later, Memetchi is sitting alone by a river. The hiccup counter now says 100, and she becomes scared as she thinks of the hiccup ghosts. Meanwhile, Mametchi and the others are looking in books for a way to get rid of the hiccups. Once they find something, they go to Memetchi and begin the ritual that will supposedly erase the hiccups.

They put the book on the ground with a glass of water on top of it, and stand around it in a circle holding hands. The friends all say the chant, and the book begins to glow. The glass of water lights up and the water shoots into the air, turning the sky dark and cloudy. Memetchi is petrified, and a ferocious wind begins to blow the friends into the evil-looking sky.

Suddenly, the friends are standing on the ground again and everything is back to normal. It turns out it was all a magical dream. The friends are confused for a few moments, but then they are delighted once they realize the ritual worked and Memetchi's hiccups are gone. Memetchi is very happy. However, Mametchi hiccups, followed by Makiko, Lovelitchi, Kuchipatchi, and then Telelin.

Everyone besides Memetchi keeps hiccuping, and she hands the hiccup counter to Mametchi. She hurries away with a grin on her face and Mametchi sees that the counter says there are over 9,000 hiccups to go.




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